Our founders' long-standing experience and know how in the cosmetics and beauty industry, led to the birth in 2007, of Proaloe Cosmetics, focused on offering exclusive Aloe Vera based products at affordable prices.

At Proaloe Cosmetics, we take meticulous care of our production process. From the selection of raw materials, to the production and packaging of products which  is done in a cleanroom environment specifically designed to guarantee maximum hygiene and security, this complying with regulations from the European Cosmetics and Medicines Agency.

We combine undisputed benefits of Aloe Vera with other internationally recognized active ingredients, such as Shea butter, rosehip, argan oil, gold, platinum, centella asiática, Melissa, etc., obtaining more powerful and effective results.

We believe in naturals cosmetics. We do not test on animals. Our products are 100% natural, free of parabenes and paraffin waxes.

At Proaloe Cosmetics we are constantly updating our processes with the latest advances in the cosmetics industry, as well as searching for potential new raw materials. Though R+D+I (Research, Development and Implementation). We develop new products and even review our existing products to improve their efficiency.

We bring to you the latest updates in the beauty and cosmetics industry for you to enjoy our luxury products and benefit from the properties of Aloe Vera.

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